Do you love trendy Jewelry that makes you feel good when you wear it?

Our Jewelry is sterling SIlver Dipped in 14KT Gold so when you are wearing it you will never have the problem of turning green !

You'll be glowing all the time !

At Essentials Jewels, we Believe once we get dressed and we are ready to go out there is one more thing left to do put on our jewels for the final touch !
We love mixing and matching gold necklace with silver Chain Necklace, and of course we cant forget our name necklaces as well! 

When its time our our rings will start with our pinky ring, will go for a Signet Ring and then maybe a Rainbow Ring and keep stacking up with all the latest trendy ring until all 8-10 fingers are covered ! 

Then its time for Bracelets, somedays will go simple with a few Tennis Bracelets other days we will mix and match gold chain bracelets with our silver chains !

For Earrings, hoops and huggies are our go to ! From Butterfly Huggies to Cz Enamel Colored Huggie Earrings theres so much to choose from ! Pick your vibe of the day and go with that !

Throw on an anklet or two ! 

One last step and were ready to go! Look in the mirror and your all set to see your final look and get ready to take on the day!
                       Welcome to the family !

                                 Your officially an ESSENTIALS GIRL!

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